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  • Senate passes tax overhaul, but House set to revote

    Expect to send to president’s desk Wednesday
    In the early morning hours Wednesday, the Senate passed its sweeping tax overhaul bill, which will become the first major legislative victory for Republicans since President Donald Trump took office. However, one slight hiccup will return the bill to be re-voted on in the House.
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  • House officially passes sweeping tax reform

    Republican hopes now hinge on Senate vote
    Republicans in the House of Representatives officially passed sweeping tax reform, hinging the party’s hopes for reform on a final Senate vote. Now, the final decision on tax reform rests with the Senate, which is expected to pass the bill later today.
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  • House will hold off on Dodd-Frank overhaul vote

    Priorities shift as house takes longer on health care
    Trump’s administration continues to proclaim their dedication to financial reform and even an overhaul of the Dodd-Frank Act, but that reform will have to wait. As health care reform takes longer than expected, members of Congress gave insight as to when they think the House will vote on a Dodd-Frank overhaul.
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