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  • Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Are cities finally fed up with Airbnb wiping out local housing?

    Plus, the CFPB opens a new office, regulatory sandbox for fintech development
    Are cities over Airbnb? Looks like it. Last week, two city councils voted to limit the online home rental services activities in their cities, the latest in a series of moves to reign in the company, which some say are aggravating the housing crisis. That, plus more about the CFPB's new office in your Monday Morning Cup of Coffee.
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  • 7 things you want your boss to know about blockchain

    What to understand about emerging blockchain technology
    Blockchain is a powerful new technology, but since it isn’t mainstream yet, it may be difficult to justify to your boss, who still unsure about a blockchain strategy. These questions below are some of the ones that Factom's Crystal Wiese sees the most often and may be things your boss wants to know about blockchain, or even things you want your boss to understand better about this emerging technology.
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  • Can cryptocurrencies change real estate transactions?

    Industry pros are looking for ways to include cryptocurrencies in their transactions
    As the cryptocurrency craze shows no sign of slowing down, there is an increase of real estate professionals using cryptocurrencies in real estate transactions. One of the newcomers is Engelo Rumora, who recently explained how he closed a real estate deal that used a cryptocurrency as a down payment.
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  • From HW Magazine

    How title companies can exploit blockchain

    Digital ledger technology promises more efficiency and security, but hurdles remain
    The multiple characteristics of blockchain make it an incredibly attractive mechanism across industries. It provides an unchangeable, time-stamped ledger that allows for real-time and simultaneous input. It is the perfect set-up for industries where transactions are routinely moved from entity to entity or business to business and where records need to be verified and audited. Naturally, therefore, in the world of title and real estate, blockchain provides an incredibly innovative platform.
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  • Finicity in the Winner’s Circle: Mortgage lenders need a digital-or-bust mentality

    CEO Steve Smith gives advice to lenders who want to stay competitive
    Speaking to HousingWire Editor-in-Chief Jacob Gaffney on his podcast series In The Winner’s Circle, the CEO of data aggregator Finicity, Steve Smith gave some advice to mortgage lenders who wish to stay competitive. Smith talks about this and elaborates on the importance of customer-data protection, how lenders use tech to save valuable time and the early role that blockchain technology is also playing in the industry.
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    Factom Inc.

    How do you know if blockchain is right for your business?

    Factom provides a four-step roadmap — and a sandbox — to find out
    Factom offers a Sandbox for developers to try their Blockchain-as-a-Service offering, enabling them to quickly implement a proof of concept applicable to their business. Business stakeholders can immediately evaluate the value to their business with the accompanied user interface that is flexible to users’ data format. In other words, you do not need to change your data’s structure or format to fit the type of blockchain you need.
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  • “Father of securitization” Lewis Ranieri partners with blockchain company Symbiont

    Partnership seeks to transform mortgage industry with blockchain technology
    On Wednesday, Ranieri Solutions announced a partnership with Symbiont, a blockchain and smart contract company, to explore opportunities to use Symbiont’s platform to “systemically improve all aspects of the mortgage industry.” The two companies explained that “Ranieri’s deep knowledge of the mortgage market coupled with Symbiont’s expertise in deploying enterprise blockchain networks led to the partnership between the firms."
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  • From HW Magazine

    Blockchain can't be your Magic 8 Ball

    But sharing unalterable data provides a better foundation for your decisions
    Blockchain is the best solution for data. It has supporting architecture in order to confirm that the data is always current and the recipient never has to worry about it changing without their knowledge. Blockchain builds on the art world’s concept of provenance, making data more valuable because of its continued validation by multiple qualified sources over time.
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  • Blockchain isn’t magic but it's designed to make you think so

    There is a science behind the magic
    [Op-Ed] Blockchain has been hailed as the next big thing and today’s most cutting edge technology, even without an adopted consumer facing platform as of yet. Those that may not know the ins and outs of blockchain can get lost in the “blockchain is magic” narrative. Blockchain can make life easier. But, there is a science behind the magic.
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  • Vermont city partners with Propy to bring blockchain to real estate transfers

    Pilot program will use blockchain to record real estate conveyance documents
    Blockchain. It seems that one can’t go five minutes without hearing something else about how the ledger technology is the future of this industry or the future of that industry. While many have discussed what that utility could be, one company is launching a pilot that aims to show how blockchain can be used for real estate conveyance.
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