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  • Ally Financial partnering with to launch digital mortgage platform

    Ally now fully back in the mortgage space
    Ally Financial, which all but exited the mortgage business back in 2012, got back into mortgages in earnest in 2016. Now, Ally is taking its mortgage business to the next level by going digital with help from (formerly known as Better Mortgage). Ally and Better announced Thursday that the companies are partnering to launch a digital mortgage platform for Ally.
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  • Ally Bank offers 0.125% interest rate discount to entice new mortgage customers

    Offer available to “all customers for all loan products, term lengths and loan sizes”
    Mortgage interest rates ticked up slightly in the last week, per the latest data from Freddie Mac, but for most of 2017, rates have trended down. But with rates still above where they were last summer, one lender is offering borrowers a discount on their interest rate to try to earn their mortgage business.
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  • Ally Bank to mortgage lenders: Gotta spend money to make money

    Study reveals what borrowers really look for when lender shopping
    A recent study conducted by Ally Bank shows interest rates and closing costs are highly important factors to consumers when deciding on a lender, but a reputation based on excellent customer service and convenience is just as important. What else might sway borrowers? A little incentive.
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  • Ally Home Loans now offers Fannie's low down payment product

    Better serves first-time homebuyers
    Ally Home Loans, which is the newly created direct-to-consumer mortgage arm of Ally Bank, only jumped into mortgages at the end of last year, and it’s already broadening its suite of products. The mortgage company announced it will start offering Fannie Mae’s HomeReady mortgage loan to better cater to first-time homebuyers.
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