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  • HUD proposes rule to improve assistance for low-income individuals

    Calls current regulation outdated, ineffective
    The Department of Housing and Urban Development issued a proposed rule Wednesday to improve its Section 3 program, which requires funding recipients to employ low-income people and business. HUD Secretary Ben Carson said the rule is designed to help households that receive HUD assistance secure long-term employment and achieve self-sufficiency.
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  • HUD slashing advanced notice for inspections on public housing, privately owned apartments

    Cutting inspection lead time from as much as 4 months to 14 days
    The Department of Housing and Urban Development is about to give landlords and property owners much less of a warning about when it is going to inspect public housing or privately owned apartment buildings that include HUD-subsidized units. According to HUD, it currently provides as much as four months advanced notice before inspecting a multifamily property. But HUD is cutting that lead time to 14 days.
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  • Civil rights groups sue HUD, Ben Carson for delaying Obama fair housing effort

    Groups want Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule reinstated
    Earlier this year, a group of 76 civil rights, housing, and community development organizations voiced their displeasure with the Trump administration moving to delay a controversial Obama-era fair housing rule. Now, some of those groups are taking the Department of Housing and Urban Development and HUD Secretary Ben Carson to court to get the rule reinstated.
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  • HUD proposes raising rent for people receiving federal housing subsidies

    HUD Secretary Ben Carson touting “Making Affordable Housing Work Act”
    Claiming that the current system of providing federal housing subsidies to low-income renters is “convoluted” and “unsustainable,” the Department of Housing and Urban Development is proposing sweeping reforms to its housing assistance programs. The main tenet of the proposal is raising the rent on roughly half of those who currently receive housing subsidies.
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  • Field services provider Cityside Management pays $4.3M to settle False Claims Act allegations

    Accused of lying to HUD about supervising rehab work
    Cityside Management Corporation, a field services provider, paid $4.3 million to settle allegations that the company lied to the Department of Housing and Urban Development about supervising rehab work on HUD-owned houses. According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office and HUD-OIG, Cityside Management paid the $4.3 million to settle charges that it violated the False Claims Act by “improperly billing” HUD for work supposedly done by Cityside’s subcontractors.
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  • Carson says HUD will “reinterpret” Obama fair housing rule after Republicans ask for repeal

    What will become of the Affirmatively Further Fair Housing rule?
    Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson said in an interview this week that HUD will look to “reinterpret” a controversial fair housing rule issued by the Obama administration in 2015. Carson’s statement comes just days after nearly 20 Congressional Republicans asked Carson to repeal the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule entirely.
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  • U.S. joins whistleblower lawsuit that accuses Los Angeles of misusing HUD money

    City accused of not providing enough accessible housing
    The federal government is joining a lawsuit that accuses the city of Los Angeles of misusing hundreds of millions of dollars from the Department of Housing and Urban Development that were earmarked for providing accessible housing for people with disabilities, the Department of Justice announced this week.
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  • HUD Secretary Carson: Homeownership is the foundation of the economy

    And more highlights from HUD housing forum
    In honor of the first day of National Homeownership Month (so declared by President Donald Trump this week), the Department of Housing and Urban Development hosted a housing forum on Thursday, replete with an appearance from HUD Secretary Ben Carson. During his opening remarks of the forum, Carson spoke of the importance of homeownership and HUD’s efforts to ensure that “every hardworking and credit-worthy American enjoys a fair chance at becoming a homeowner.”
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  • Ex-NJ mayor sent to prison for kickbacks involving HUD funds

    Low-income housing developers provided money to Passaic mayor Alex Blanco
    The former mayor of Passaic, New Jersey will spend the next two years in prison after being convicted of soliciting and accepting bribes from developers who wanted to build low-income housing in the city. According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey, Alex Blanco accepted $110,000 in corrupt payments, much of which was money from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
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