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  • FirstClose and CRIF Lending Solutions debut new API

    New API creates interface enabling lenders to process home equity loans from single software solution
    A new API from FirstClose and CRIF Lending Solutions enables lenders to process home equity loans from a single software solution. With one press of a button, lenders now can launch FirstClose's web interface directly from CRIF's ACTion solution.
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    FirstClose software solution provides faster loan decisioning

    The FirstLook Report is an instant prequalification tool for lenders
    In a competitive mortgage market, lenders need the right tools to pre-qualify and close loans faster while still being compliant. With that in mind, FirstClose developed its FirstLook Report to serve as an instant, prequalification tool for mortgage lenders. The FirstLook Report delivers credit score, value, flood zone indicator, title search and tax information instantly within a single file.
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  • Experts: Appraiser market needs more options

    Current choices: Hot dog or filet mignon
    Experts explained the difference between AVMs and full appraisals, and what the benefits are to each one. They explained lenders need more appraisal options to choose from, as their current options are like choosing from either a “hot dog, or a filet mignon.”
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  • Mortgage Cadence to provide one-stop-shop mortgage platform

    Will license FirstClose integration software
    Mortgage Cadence announced its license with a new software, FirstClose, that will allow third parties to integrate with the company’s current mortgage program. Mortgage Cadence explains what this means for its platforms, for lenders and what new services it will offer.
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  • From HW Magazine

    2017 HW Tech100 Winner: FirstClose

    Providing data for home equity lenders reduces turn times
    By tapping multiple data sources and using proprietary algorithms, the company says the FirstClose Report can reduce turn-times by as much as 80%, from 14 days down to 2.8 days.
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