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  • Treasury report expected to recommend stripping CFPB power, other financial reform

    Could propose non-legislative action on Dodd-Frank
    The Treasury is expected to report Monday on rolling back Dodd-Frank Act and other financial regulations. Back in February, the president issued an executive order directing the Treasury to investigate these financial regulations, and we're about to get a look at which regulations could be on the chopping block.
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  • Trump signs memorandum on Dodd-Frank's orderly liquidation authority

    Along with another executive order and memorandum
    President Donald Trump signed one executive order and two presidential memoranda on Friday, affirming once again that he plans to roll back many of the regulations put in place in the aftermath of the financial crisis. Unlike a broader past executive order designed to roll back the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act, Friday’s executive memorandum focused on the orderly liquidation authority part of Dodd-Frank.
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  • CFPB may fall under new executive order to reorganize executive branch

    New power put in the hands of the OMB director
    Unlike previous executive orders that did not apply to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, President Trump signed an executive order granting additional powers to either rework or eliminate "components of agencies, and agency programs." However, one expert says it’s not that simple to overhaul the CFPB.
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  • Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigration could drop home prices

    Even legal immigrants backing out of homeownership
    President Donald Trump’s policies cracking down on immigration could mean drastic changes to the housing market once the policies start taking effect. Even legal immigrants are showing more caution when it comes to buying a home, saying they are unsure about their future in the U.S.
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  • Trump signs executive order to massively roll back regulation

    And to control regulatory costs
    President Donald Trump signed an executive order Monday morning to significantly roll back regulations, following through on claims that he would be “cutting regulation massively.” And Trump didn’t stop at reducing regulation, as the order also shows an added focus on reduced regulatory costs.
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