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  • Is the CFPB in dire need of a new direction?

    Which could mean a new director
    Readers don’t have to go any further than HousingWire’s search function to see the constant dialogue around the uncertain future of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Regulation is king in mortgage finance, and right now the No. 1 industry watchdog is in limbo as the court and government try to overhaul its future. So where does this leave people in mortgage finance? These four CFPB and regulation experts have the answers.
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  • Former CFPB enforcement attorney: "Publicity potential" guided many regulatory actions

    Department of External Affairs wields influence similar to political entities
    Democrats are racing against the clock to defend the embattled Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which has a growing pile of government and judicial scenarios at play trying to overhaul it or abolish it altogether. But maybe the only way for CFPB Director to save the bureau is to resign, at least that’s what one former CFPB enforcement attorney argues.
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  • The author discusses “The Tragic Downfall of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau”

    Former CFPB attorney weighs in
    Our hugely popular blogpost titled: "Former CFPB attorney pretty much just confirmed the worst fears of the mortgage industry," hit a nerve with many in the mortgage industry. Now the author of the original piece adds his thoughts to our thoughts. Read more on the ongoing discussion right here.
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