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  • Mortgage delinquency keeps falling, drops for 19th straight quarter

    But one generation shows higher delinquency levels than the rest
    The mortgage market performed well in the first quarter of 2018, seeing the 19th consecutive decrease in annual mortgage delinquencies. And while mortgage delinquencies dropped for all generational groups, one generation stands above the rest as having a higher serious delinquency rate.
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  • Black Knight: Delinquencies drop to 12-month low

    But hurricane impact still lingers
    National delinquencies fell in March to a 12-month low, including a decrease of 19,500 serious delinquencies in hurricane-devastated areas. However, this may not reflect that hurricane areas are getting better, in fact, it could mean they’re getting worse.
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  • Early-stage delinquencies hit lowest level in 17 years

    Serious delinquencies hover at decade low
    Delinquencies continued their downward slide in May, hitting decade or even nearly two-decade lows. The latest report from CoreLogic shows a prolonged period of relatively tight underwriting criteria has driven delinquencies down to pre-crisis levels across many parts of the country.
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  • Mortgage delinquencies drop to 10-year low

    Decrease expected to continue
    Mortgage delinquencies decreased in in March, dropping to the lowest level in 10 years. CoreLogic conducted a study measuring mortgages in all stages of delinquencies, including those in the beginning stages of foreclosures. Early stage delinquencies even dropped to the lowest level since 2000.
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  • CoreLogic: Foreclosures sink to lowest level since 2007

    Serious delinquency rate remains relatively high on East Coast
    Foreclosures and serious delinquencies continued to drop in February, hitting its lowest point since 2007. However, while foreclosures are down nationally, the East Coast continues to lag. And even nationally, February saw an uptick in early stage delinquencies.
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