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  • ADP: Employment increases 177,000 in June

    Construction jobs are steadily increasing
    As unemployment rates fall, the labor market is expected to reach full employment, according to the ADP and Moody's Analytics National Employment Report. But Moody Chief Economist of Analytics Mark Zandi believes that business’ number one problem is finding qualified workers, and as the rate of employment increases the problem will worsen.
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  • Hurricanes pull down job growth in September

    Small business struggle to hire skilled talent
    The most recent ADP employment report predicts an increase of just 135,000 jobs in September. And while ADP may not always hit the nail on the head, it serves as a general measure for the trend of the jobs market. Or does it?
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  • ADP: Employment increases 237,000 in August

    Construction jobs predicted to boom
    Employment is set to boom in August according to the latest employment report from ADP and Moody’s Analytics. The report predicts a solid increase in overall employment, and even a boom in construction jobs for the month.
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  • ADP predicts moderate job increase in April

    But construction jobs set to decrease
    ADP’s employment report shows April will see an increase in jobs. While it is much lower than March’s prediction, it is also significantly higher than the job increase in March. The bad news, however, is the report predicts a decrease of about 2,000 construction jobs.
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  • ADP predicts solid employment growth in November

    Small gains seen in construction
    ADP predicts strong job growth during the month of November, with increases centered in the service-providing sector. Over the past three months, ADP’s prediction fell short of the job report’s numbers, however, this time one expert thinks the company over-shot in its estimate.
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