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  • Gary Cohn reportedly out of running to be Trump’s Fed chair choice

    Falls out of favor after criticizing Trump’s response to Charlottesville
    Despite President Donald Trump saying earlier this year that Gary Cohn is among the candidates to replace Janet Yellen when her term as Federal Reserve chair expires in January 2018, it appears now that Cohn may no longer be on Trump’s Fed chair shortlist. Cohn, who currently serves as the White House National Economic Council Director, reportedly fell out of Trump’s favor after criticizing Trump’s response to the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia last month.
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  • Fed Vice Chair Stanley Fischer resigns, citing “personal reasons”

    President Donald Trump will choose replacement
    With Janet Yellen’s term as Federal Reserve chair set to expire early next year, there has already been plenty of discussion about who might replace her. As it turns out, President Donald Trump will have more than Yellen’s position to fill, as the Fed announced Wednesday that Vice Chair Stanley Fischer plans to resign in October, with more than two years left in his term with the Fed.
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  • Who's the next Fed chair? Trump lists Cohn as possibility, but says Yellen could stay

    Trump talks Federal Reserve in interview with Wall Street Journal
    Janet Yellen’s term as Federal Reserve chair is set to expire in January 2018, and she’s said on multiple occasions that she intends to fulfill her term. But is it possible that Yellen’s time as Fed chair could extend beyond that? In a new interview, President Donald Trump said that keeping Yellen as Fed chair is certainly a possibility, but added that Gary Cohn is also a possibility to lead the Fed.
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  • Is the Federal Reserve going to stay intact?

    Will there be a new Fed chair sooner than expected?
    Newly minted President-elect Donald Trump can already put changing up the structure of the Federal Reserve at the top of his list. Right now, there are two seats up for grabs. But the more important question is what will become of already criticized Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen?
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