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  • What HMDA changes mean for lenders

    Visibility all the way down to the loan officer level
    You want the good news or the bad news on HMDA? Let’s go with the good news: After collecting expanded data on borrowers under HMDA rule changes, lenders are going to have greater insight than ever before on their lending practices. The bad news? So is everyone else.
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  • Fannie Mae announces sweeping program for mortgage lender "freedom" from penalties

    Using Fannie Mae tools for underwriting, appraisals shields lenders from buybacks
    Fannie Mae announced that lenders using its Desktop Underwriter and Collateral Underwriter tools will be shielded from buyback risk from the GSE under certain conditions. Fannie Mae's "Day 1 Certainty" program helps lenders address risk up front in underwriting and property appraisal and inspection so that they can lend with confidence, Timothy Mayopoulos, president and CEO of Fannie Mae, said at the Mortgage Bankers Association conference. 
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