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  • Nationstar (aka Mr. Cooper) reaches $17 million mortgage settlement with NYDFS

    $5 million fine, $5 million to local nonprofit, $7 million to New York residents
    For the third time in the last six months, Nationstar Mortgage, the nonbank also known as Mr. Cooper, has reached a multimillion-dollar settlement with a state banking regulator over mortgage-related issues. The New York Department of Financial Services announced Wednesday that it reached a $17 million settlement with Nationstar for a number of violations of the state’s financial laws.
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  • Senior execs at Vanguard Funding admit to embezzling $8.9 million

    CFO and COO plead guilty to using warehouse loans for personal expenses
    The former chief operating officer and chief financial officer of a New York mortgage lender admitted in court this week that they conspired to misappropriate more than $8.9 million from warehouse lines of credit that were meant to fund mortgages. Each now faces up to 20 years in prison.
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  • Senior execs at Vanguard Funding accused of embezzling $8.9 million

    Three execs charged with using warehouse loans for personal expenses
    Three senior executives at a New York mortgage lender were arrested Tuesday morning and charged with misappropriating $9 million from warehouse lines of credit meant to be used to fund mortgages. The three men, who are senior executives at Vanguard Funding, stand charged with conspiracy to commit wire and bank fraud for allegedly misusing the warehouse funds to pay for personal expenses and compensation.
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  • New York City cuts ties with Wells Fargo

    Suspends business relationship in response to Community Reinvestment Act failure
    Earlier this year, reports began to emerge that New York City was considering becoming the next in a string of cities and states to cut ties with Wells Fargo in the wake of the bank’s fake account scandal. And Wednesday, that’s exactly what happened, as New York City’s mayor and comptroller announced that the city is ending its business relationship with Wells Fargo.
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  • New York unveils proposal to ban "bad actors" from working in financial services

    Would empower NYDFS to boot individuals
    The New York of Department of Financial Services could soon have the power to ban individuals from working in the financial services industry for “egregious conduct,” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Monday. In announcing the proposal, Cuomo cited the recent fake account scandal at Wells Fargo as the kind of action that could get a person banned from working in financial services under the new rule.
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  • Wells Fargo fallout: New York places restrictions on incentives for bank employees

    Compensation tied to employee performance needs 'effective oversight'
    At the core of the fake account scandal surrounding Wells Fargo right now is the fact that more than 5,000 of the bank’s former employees opened more than 2 million fake accounts to get sales bonuses. As the Wells Fargo situation works it way through various political and judicial machinations, the state of New York is taking measures to ensure that similar behavior, which led to a $185 million fine for Wells Fargo, doesn’t happen again.
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