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  • The highly contested state of the appraisal market and where it’s headed

    HousingWire experts answer the tough questions
    Back in March, HousingWire gathered three industry experts to answers readers’ questions on the appraisal market. But as it turned out, one hour wasn’t nearly enough time to properly dig into the state of the highly debated appraisal market. In order to weigh in on the questions left unanswered on the first webinar, HousingWire hosted a follow-up appraisal webinar. Here’s what the three experts revealed on the state of the appraisal market.
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  • Hey 50-percenters, there is no "appraiser shortage” so knock it off

    The reality of the appraisal industry is much more complicated
    [Commentary] No one seems to understand the appraiser's role in the mortgage-lending process. Isn't it ironic appraisers, who are in the business of valuing assets by measuring the forces of supply and demand, are not allowed to participate in the free market system that is based on supply and demand? So, what is really going on in the appraisal world? Hint: There isn't a shortage.
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  • Sorry, appraisers, you’re wrong – there is a shortage

    And here’s why
    [Commentary] As the appraisal problem grows, many companies and even government agencies point to the appraiser shortage and ways to fix it. Appraisers, however, are not impressed. They say there isn’t a shortage, and that the real problem lies with AMCs. But the truth is – there is an appraiser shortage, and here’s why.
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    Automated valuation models provide an answer to appraiser shortage

    The critical role of data in determining true value
    Collateral valuations are a critical part of any loan, so the shortage of qualified appraisers puts up a serious roadblock in the mortgage process, especially for lenders who rely fully on appraisals for all transactions. With no end in sight to this shortage, when is it time to bring appraisal alternatives to the forefront?
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