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  • [Pulse] Hey real estate agents and mortgage LOs, here are 12 scripts that will get a lead's attention

    Forget the phone call, it's all about the text
    Data now shows that texting your leads first and calling them only as a follow-up to the text, is the best way to respond to your real estate and mortgage leads. But what do you say to get their attention without being a pest? Below you’ll find 12 different text message scripts that work extremely well for real estate agents and loan officers looking to connect with a prospective client.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Becoming a self-promoter

    Marketing strategies to help you stand out in a crowded market
    With today’s focus on new and emerging technology, it can be easy for loan officers to rely on electronic, automated solutions to gain new business instead of putting forth their full efforts to reach potential customers and referral sources. While keeping up with technological advances is vital to staying relevant in our industry, the timeless fundamental practices of a natural self-promoter are irreplaceable. Read on for three steps self-promoters utilized to strategically market themselves to each audience.
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  • HighTechLending: It’s all about leads

    Reverse mortgage lender survives down market with internal lead generation
    When HUD issued changes to the HECM program last year, it made the already elusive quality reverse mortgage lead an even more challenging get, according to HighTechLending President Don Currie. The situation convinced the lender to take matters into its own hands, and so far, the strategy is paying off.
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  • Zillow: We use the best fraud prevention system available

    Who do you believe?
    After some real estate agents complained about receiving phishing emails instead of leads from Zillow, the company responded by saying not only does it do everything it can to prevent these scam emails from going through, but it has one of the best filters in the industry. Zillow argues that scammers are only an occasional occurrence.
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  • Is Zillow's lead generator filled with scammers and spammers?

    Users complain real estate ad service poorly filters potential fraud
    Zillow thrives on advertising dollars from real estate agents who are looking to get more leads from homebuyers and sellers. A new discovery, however, suggests that the online real estate listing service may be vulnerable to scammers and spammers. Here's what HousingWire found.
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  • Originating: From Lead to Loan

    How can you predict your business revenue if you don’t have the proper tools? A lead management system is the No. 1 tool for any mortgage company wanting to maximize its lead-cost investment.With the high price of leads these days, no company can afford to take them for granted. Most of the lenders I have worked with provide loan officers with leads worth hundreds of thousands of dollars on a monthly basis. With an investment like this, there has to be accountability. One way to achieve that accountability is by effectively utilizing a lead management system. Lead management systems allow
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  • Originating: Putting First Things First

    In my experience working with reverse mortgage originators, the efficient use of time has been a constant theme in my observation and training. As the old adage goes, sales is a numbers game. A key element of success is to get yourself in front of as many prospects as you can on a consistent basis. After receiving a new lead, many originators get caught in a little conundrum of where to start working on that lead. The amount of information provided initially with a new lead depends on its source and whether it was received directly or through a third-party
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