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  • Consumer sentiment hits highest level since 2004

    But fears of proposed trade tariffs remain
    Consumers are still on edge about proposed trade tariffs, however, despite this fear, consumer sentiment in March rose to its highest level since 2004. The University of Michigan survey showed that households with incomes in the bottom third saw a surge in confidence, while those in the top third saw confidence decrease slightly.
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  • American optimism could indicate beginning of the end for economic expansion

    Optimism surges to highest level since 2004
    Consumer optimism surged to its highest point since 2004, up more than 15% from last year. However, this tidal wave of optimism could bring impending doom in its wake. Survey of Consumers Chief Economist Richard Curtin explained American’s views toward the economy could signify the beginning of the end for economic expansion.
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  • Consumer confidence rises to highest level since January

    Americans more excited about personal finances
    Americans’ expectations in their future soared at the beginning of August, bringing the University of Michigan’s measure of consumer confidence to its highest point since January. However, the survey did not include results from after the incident in Charlottesville, Virginia, which could bring confidence down once more by the end of the month.
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  • Consumer confidence drops to 7-month low

    But housing experts aren’t concerned
    Consumer confidence dropped in May to its lowest level in seven months, the latest survey from the University of Michigan shows. The gap in confidence between Republicans and Democrats lessened slightly, but remained highly partisan.
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  • Consumer optimism surges due to lowered standards

    Partisan divide to lessen in months ahead
    “The continued strength in consumer sentiment has been due to optimistic views on three critical components: higher incomes and wealth, more favorable job prospects, and low inflation expectations,” Surveys of Consumers Chief Economist Richard Curtin said. “All of these factors, however, have been influenced by partisanship.”
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  • More Americans optimistic about economic future – except Democrats

    Survey shows Democrats believe recession is imminent
    Consumer confidence increased once again at the beginning of March. In fact, all signs of optimism in the market are up, with the exception of one demographic. Democrats optimism is so low it signals the economy is soon to move into a recession, according to the Survey of Consumers from the University of Michigan.
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