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  • Controversial overtime labor law stopped short of the starting line

    Initially set to take effect Dec. 1.
    Barely making the cut before the rule took effect, a federal judge blocked the new overtime labor law that would significantly change overtime pay. Since the rule never took effect, it’s hard to say the exact impact it would’ve had on the housing industry. However, it had the potential to create drastic change, especially for small business.
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  • Here's how the new overtime labor law will change the housing industry

    Salaried employees making less than $47K must be compensated for anything over 40 hours
    Starting Dec. 1, 2016, overtime will have a whole new meaning since the White Collar Exemption salary threshold is about to jump by more than 100%. There’s just over two months until this law goes into effect, and with the housing industry projected to boom up to $2 trillion this year, the need for overtime isn’t going away anytime soon. Something will have to give.
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