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  • FDIC's Bair: 'Playbook' Needed for Failure of Investment Banks

    The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.'s Sheila Bair seems likely to have ruffled at least a few feathers on Wall Street Wednesday, by suggesting that financial regulators need to develop a "playbook" for handling investment bank failures akin to the systematic approach used by the FDIC. She also argued for a single regulator over investment banks, without go so far as to overtly suggest that the FDIC should have regulatory responsibility for the Wall Street behemoths.
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  • OTS: Federal Oversight Needed for Mortgage Banks

    In prepared remarks delivered to the Exchequer Club earlier this week, Office of Thrift Superivision Director John Reich suggested that federal regulators be allowed by Congress to expand their authority to include oversight of mortgage banks. Many Wall Street investment banks currently operate outside of the regulatory authority of the OTS and other federal regulators, something Reich said creates "an unlevel playing field." From his remarks:
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