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  • The pessimist's guide to 2017 is here and it's time for everyone to panic

    How bad can things really get?
    [Color commentary] Yesterday, I got an email from a source who asked: “If I told you at the beginning of the year you’d be writing about Pokemon and Ben Carson leading HUD, what institution would you commit me too?” Like all other semi-casual observers of market trends, I did not reply and instead, like all fellow pessimists, I chose to panic. Good news is, we're not alone.
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  • 4 tips on capturing real estate clients through Pokémon Go

    Gotta catch em all
    This summer you may have noticed more young people than usual walking down the street staring intensely at their cell phones (sometimes to the point of physical injury!). While it may appear laughable to some, mortgage and real estate professionals can incorporate the game into their marketing strategy. Don’t believe me? Here’s how others are doing it.
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