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  • California voters decisively defeat rent control effort

    Nearly two-thirds of voters cast ballots against Costa-Hawkins repeal
    In addition to going to the polls Tuesday and picking a new governor, lieutenant governor, a host of new members of the House of Representatives, and re-electing one of their two senators, California voters also soundly defeated a push to increase rent control in the state. While the measure’s supporters surely view the defeat as a setback, an analysis from UBS argues that the proposition losing is actually the best thing for all involved.
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  • Roughly two-thirds of Californians can’t afford to buy a home

    CAR: This isn't changing anytime soon
    California's affordability crisis continues to plague the state, pricing more and more would-be homeowners out of the market. How could they buy a home though? Homebuyers need to earn a minimum annual income of $100K to qualify for the median-priced, existing single-family home in the state. Think that's steep? It only gets more outrageous in the latest data from the California Association of Realtors.
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