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  • Originating: My Way

    The CFPB’s recent study on the state of the reverse mortgage industry noted concerns regarding advertising practices. The study states that false or misleading advertising creates confusion among consumers and contributes to misconceptions about the loan.Among the concerns listed in the study were materials that implied a government affiliation or referred to the program as a government benefit, noted time limits on the loan’s availability, or stated that borrowers can never lose their homes. In light of the CFPB’s concerns, it’s important that we assess our advertising practices to ensure that we are being as clear as possible about our
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  • One Year Later, a Little Celebration is in Order

    Housing Wire began with a simple story covering a GMAC-RFC partnership with FNIS one year ago today. Since then, I've spent the last year covering a market I truly am passionate about, writing more than 1,600 different stories in the process. Although I've never marketed HW, the number of readers -- well over two million in 2007 so far -- has been been stunning.
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