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  • ATTOM Data Solutions acquires Onboard Informatics

    Onboard’s neighborhood data will be integrated into the ATTOM Data Warehouse
    Data provider ATTOM Data Solutions has acquired Onboard Informatics, a neighborhood data and data-enabled turnkey product provider. Onboard’s neighborhood-focused data will be integrated into ATTOM’s Data Warehouse and the new, combined data will be available through ATTOM’s delivery solutions, including its bulk file licenses, APIs and customized reports.
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  • Share of homes in negative equity falls in Q4, despite turbulent hurricane season

    But decrease slows to all-time low
    The number of underwater homes shrank in the fourth quarter of 2017, despite the turbulent hurricane season. But ATTOM Data Solutions’ report showed while the share of homes with negative equity decreased, it was the smallest annual decline since the company began tracking in the first quarter of 2012.
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  • Most Americans live in areas where renting is cheaper than buying

    But buying a home cheaper in 54% of U.S. markets
    Across the U.S., buying a home is cheaper than renting in the majority of housing markets, however most Americans live in areas where renting is still cheaper than buying. Renting has clearly become the lesser of two housing affordability evils in many major population centers, with renting more affordable than buying in 76% of counties that have a population of 1 million or more.
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  • Housing affordability remains at decade low in Q3

    Down from last year in 79% of markets
    Affordability improved from the second quarter in many U.S. markets, however, while 2017 might be beginning to cool, affordability is still down from last year. In fact, ATTOM’s national affordability index dropped to its lowest point since the third quarter of 2008.
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  • ATTOM: Americans want to live in high-risk cities

    Home prices accelerate twice as fast in higher risk areas
    Footage of natural disasters sweeping across the U.S. and the world in the recent weeks might make one believe that home prices would be lower where such terrible disasters are more prominent; however the opposite is actually true. In fact, ATTOM’s latest report shows home prices actually appreciate much faster in the riskiest cities.
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  • Rising home prices force homebuyers to find co-borrowers

    Mortgage originations jump in Q2
    Home prices continued to increase during the second quarter, leading to an increase in co-borrowers on new single-family originations. This rising trend in co-borrowing is helping to eke out increases in purchase loan originations despite affordability and supply constraints.
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  • Hey lenders, are you ready for 5.2M more homeowners?

    3 experts provide a roadmap for the future of lending
    By 2025, it is predicted that there will be 5.2 million more homeowners. And of this number, people born in the 80s and 90s, also known as Millennials, are expected to dominate the home-buying market. So what does the mortgage industry need to do to meet the upcoming demand? A recent HousingWire webinar asked three experts to talk about what the future looks like for the industry.
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  • Number of equity rich properties hits 14 million in Q2

    Increases by 1.6 million properties from last year
    Home equity continued increasing in the second quarter, rising on 1.6 million properties to a total of 14 million that are now equity-rich, which means they hold a mortgaged amount that is 50% or less than the estimated market value. This now represents 24.6% of all properties.
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  • Homeseller profits hit highest point in a decade

    Average seller gained $51,000
    Home sellers who sold their home in the second quarter this year gained the highest profit in a decade. The average seller gained 26% from their purchase price. While rising home prices is a factor in the increase, it is not the most significant factor.
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