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  • Who are today’s homebuyers?

    New report shows rise in surprising demographics
    New demographics have emerged as the leaders in the home buying market in 2018, according to a new report from Veritas Urbis Economics. In its new report, the company said homebuyers are increasingly “women, graying and without children.” Those are three separate categories, not one.
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  • Millennial women hold better credit scores than men

    But trail behind in homeownership rates
    In a new study, LendingTree looked at the newest generation of homebuyers, Millennials, and the difference between men and women when it comes to their finances. While women tend to have higher credit scores than men, they also hold more debt, which might explain their lower rate of homeownership.
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  • Texas homebuyers diversify in 2016

    Women, first-time buyers move into market
    Texas saw outstanding growth in home sales during 2016 in several areas including condo sales and new home sales. Not only are there more homebuyers in the market, but they're also a more diverse group than in previous years. International homebuyers, women and first-time homebuyers are all making their mark in Texas real estate.
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  • Of course women are more likely than men to pay their mortgage

    Urban Institute study proves it's high time to level the playing field
    Urban Institute released a study showing that, while single women have a harder time getting a loan, they are actually more likely to make their payments. Of course, this is basically just repeating what we all know to be true, but finally there’s a[nother] study that proves it.
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