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  • Even Ben Bernanke can’t refinance right now

    Suggests lenders may have “gone a little bit too far"
    Speaking at a conference of the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing and Care in Chicago, Bernanke said that the market is so tight right now that he was unable to refinance his own home loan recently.
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  • For Bloomberg Users, Tracking Losses Moves to Center Stage

    Underscoring a fundamental shift in market focus, Bloomberg News reported on usage patterns tied to its own ubiquitous terminals over the weekend; a new terminal function called WDCI, which allows users to track bank/financial sector write-downs, has seen its usage trump the more traditional league table function usually used by analysts to track bond and stock underwriters (LEAG).
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  • Whither thou, credit crunch?

    Wear-out isn't just a concept for media and advertising planners; it also describes the public's appetite for things like the word "subprime" and "credit crunch." And after the Fed's bailout of Bear Stearns -- a move that we still think was the right thing to do here at HW -- credit concerns eased somewhat, and investors started to breathe easier. Is the worst behind us? Really?
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  • Jobs Head Downward as Mortgage Crunch Affects Payrolls

    Not surprisingly for readers of this blog, the Labor Department said today that employers cut jobs in August, the first downward trend in jobs in over four years. The mortgage crisis and resulting credit crunch affecting financial markets was cited as a chief culprit, according to most media reports I've read this morning. The Associated Press reports:
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