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  • Old school? Senior citizens' campus takeover

    Seniors are showing a growing preference for living on or near university campuses
    There appear to be a growing number of senior citizens looking for housing on or near universities. Investors are capitalizing on this demand, building senior housing around campuses, and one university is even putting a senior housing property on its campus in New York.
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  • CFPB warns about dangers of taking out a reverse mortgage to delay Social Security

    Says claiming Social Security benefits later may not be worth it
    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued a warning to seniors this week, cautioning them that taking out a reverse mortgage in order to delay claiming Social Security benefits could be a financially harmful decision. In its report, the CFPB said it investigated this practice and found that the costs and risks of obtaining a reverse mortgage could exceed the increased amount of a senior’s lifetime Social Security benefits should the person wait to claim their benefits.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Former HUD secretaries: America's elderly desperately need more affordable housing

    Here's the solution
    States and local communities must also embrace permissive land-use policies that encourage alternative housing structures for seniors, such as accessory dwelling units, micro-units, and congregate homes. These policies can be a win-win for everyone — preserving the integrity of neighborhoods while expanding affordable housing options.
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  • Older Americans Face Increasing Housing Burdens

    A new report by the AARP Public Policy Institute has found that Americans aged 50 and older are increasing finding housing to be less affordable as result of impacts of the recession.   In the summary, "Housing for Older Adults:  The Impacts of the Recession," the report found an increase in the percentage of older Americans face a "housing costs burden," defined as those who pay more than 30% of their income on housing expense.  For those with incomes below $23,000 per year, 96% face an unsustainable level of housing costs.  The percentage drops to 67% for those with
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  • A Bright Spot in Harvard Housing Study

    A study released by the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University continues to paint a bleak housing market picture.  However, although The State of the Nations's Housing 2011 report highlights a "Rocky Road to Recovery," it also points to a potential bright spot for the senior housing market.   The study points to many of the same concerns of other recent housing reports.  Home vacancy rates remain high, the number of vacant homes held off the market continues to climb, new construction is at a virtual stand still, new home sales continue to set new lows and
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