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  • Cloudvirga launches new mobile POS product

    Aims to enhance efficiency in the lending process
    Cloudvirga launched a new mobile mortgage point-of-sales solution for loan originators and homebuyers in the purchase mortgage market. The Mobile POS is backed by the same tech that runs the Enterprise POS, which won Cloudvirga a HousingWire Tech100 award.
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  • [Factsheet] How much $$$ do mortgage banks make?

    An overview of the past two years
    Mortgage brokers eagerly welcomed a bigger paycheck at the start of this year after the end of 2015 significantly shorted the income of many in the business. To show exactly how mortgage banker profit has changed, this week's factsheet shows mortgage banker profit over the course of the past two years, using data from the Mortgage Bankers Association’s Quarterly Performance Report.
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  • Study Examines Best Practices of Top LOs

    A study released by Mortgage Success Source sought to identify the best practices of top performing loan originators (LOs) and what distinguished them from the average producers.  The results, which found that the top 15 percent of LOs produced seven times the loan volume of average producers, indicated that the separation was due to the difference in habits and activities moreso than other factors.   According to the survey, there was little difference between the opportunities available to top producers versus average producers.  The top producers were not found to be better trained or more experienced.  There was not
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