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  • Sindeo's savior revealed: Renren revives mortgage startup

    Chinese social network previously invested in San Francisco-based startup
    Three weeks ago, Sindeo, a San Francisco-based mortgage technology firm shockingly shut down without warning. But Monday, things took a decidedly unexpected turn, as the company’s website was back up and functioning as if nothing had happened. HousingWire can now confirm that Sindeo was acquired by one its investors – Renren, a social media network in China.
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  • Another shocker: Sindeo is suddenly back in business

    Three weeks after shutting down, company's website is functioning again
    Three weeks ago, San Francisco-based mortgage technology firm Sindeo shocked the mortgage business when it closed down without warning, and seemingly without explanation. Now, in an equally shocking and unexpected move, Sindeo appears to be back in business, as if nothing happened.
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  • Shocker: Mortgage tech firm Sindeo suddenly folds

    Four-year-old firm permanently lays off all but a few employees
    San Francisco-based mortgage technology firm Sindeo, which entered the market four years ago, announced Tuesday evening that it is abruptly and immediately closing its doors. Sindeo’s CEO, Nick Stamos, published a letter on the company’s website announcing the closure. Click the headline to read more about Sindeo’s sudden shuttering.
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  • Want to recruit more Millennials? Learn what matters most from our experts

    HousingWire Rising Stars give tips on what really works
    One thing became clear very quickly during HousingWire’s webinar on how to hire Millennials on Thursday — few attendees knew they wanted to go into housing at the outset of their careers. And yet, like our three panelists, they are all got into the industry one way or another. So how do we get others to join a space that a lot of Millennials are unfamiliar with? These three HousingWire Rising Stars give tips on where to start to fix this problem.
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  • Make way for the 2016 class of Rising Stars

    This is the third time we've recognized young leaders in our Rising Stars program, and the list just keeps getting better. Following the proud tradition of earlier winners, these leaders have overachieved in lending, servicing, investing and real estate (making the rest of us question what we're doing with our lives in the process).
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