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  • Consumer economic optimism hovers at 16-year high

    Overall confidence increases in August
    Consumer confidence increased once again in August as Americans place more faith in the current economic state. In fact, the Present Situation Index from The Conference Board remains at its 16-year high, even as expectations for the future grew slightly.
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  • Consumers grow more confident in future of economy

    Assessment of current conditions remains at 16-year high
    Consumers’ assessment of their current conditions increased in July, remaining at a 16-year high. Consumers are also more confident in the future of the economy, however they are less optimistic about their income prospects.
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  • Americans regain confidence in June

    Short-term outlook eased, but still upbeat
    After wavering slightly the month before, Americans grew more confident in June. A new survey found consumers are more confident in current economic conditions, however, they are less sure about their short-term economic outlook.
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  • Consumer optimism sees slight uptick in April

    Partisan divide subsides significantly
    Consumer optimism edged up slightly in April, but not quite as high as the beginning of the month. Independents are more confident in the economy, and Republicans and Democrats are beginning to converge as the partisan divide slowly heals.
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  • Independent voters growing more optimistic about economy

    Republican and Democrat partisan gap grows wider than ever
    The divide between Republicans and Democrats is growing wider as Republicans’ optimism hits new highs and Democrats’ pessimism hits new lows. Independents, however, are growing more optimistic about the future and present state of the economy.
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  • Consumer confidence now back to pre-recession levels

    Americans feel better about present and future situation
    The elections and even the time leading up to the presidential elections brought a new wave of consumer confidence. In fact, consumers are now back at pre-recession levels when it comes to their confidence in the economy – both for their present situation and future expectations.
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  • Consumer confidence tumbles in October

    Many say business conditions are bad
    After hitting post-recession highs in September, consumer confidence dropped in October. According to one economist, the upcoming elections could be putting many consumers slightly on edge. Here’s more about where Americans say the economy sits, and where it’s headed.
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  • Consumer confidence declined in May?

    Some data seems to conflict
    The Conference Board says consumer confidence is down, but that doesn’t seem to be affecting consumer spending or even housing growth. See why economists think that is, and what other data points seem to conflict with The Conference Board findings.
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