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  • Single women outpace single men on the path to homeownership

    Single women own 70,000 more homes in metro areas than single men
    American wage disparity keeps the average American woman making 20 cents less than her male counterpart, but data suggests that when it comes to homeownership, single women take lead. LendingTree’s latest analysis revealed that on average, single women own around 22% of homes, compared to the less than 13% of single men.
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  • NAR: More single women buying homes

    First-time buyers increase after 3 years of declines
    A new survey from the National Association of Realtors shows women increased their share in the housing market to the highest it’s been since 2011, which is now double that of single men. This is despite having annual incomes that are significantly less than men. But single women aren’t the only group buying more homes.
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  • RealtyTrac: Women lose out on homeowner profitability

    Could be stuck in a domino effect
    Homes owned by single women tend to hold a lesser value and appreciate at a lower percentage than homes owned by single men. However, women tend to make less money than men, meaning they're likely to buy homes that appreciate less, thus causing a domino effect.
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