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  • Morgan Stanley going digital to boost mortgage lending

    Seeks to increase lending to current clients
    Morgan Stanley isn’t really a big player in mortgage lending, but the company wants that to change — and it’s planning to go digital to get there. Basically, the company wants to turn more of its existing clients into mortgage customers, and it is planning to update its mortgage process to entice them.
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  • Here's why getting started with digital mortgages is less complicated than it seems

    The true process behind adopting digital mortgages
    There’s been a huge amount of discussion about how consumer lending is quickly going digital. The appetite we’re seeing in the market for digital solutions has grown significantly in the past couple of years and will only continue to increase. However, there is also a lot of talk about the obstacles surrounding the adoption digital mortgages. But the truth is that it doesn’t have to be so complicated.
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  • Blend and The Mortgage Collaborative partner to help more lenders go digital

    Small, mid-sized and community lenders can now better access technology
    The Mortgage Collaborative and Blend announced a partnership to bring the digital experience to a network of small, mid-sized, and community-based lenders. As a 2017 HousingWire Tech 100 winner, Blend is a Silicon Valley technology company that’s helping bring mortgages into the modern age. The Mortgage Collaborative is the latest lender to step up to the growing digital demand in housing.
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  • Blend CEO on why lenders are reluctant to adopt digital mortgages

    The importance behind digital innovation
    The words “digital” and “innovation” are plastered across the mortgage market from news articles to marketing materials, and yet there are still lenders out there opting to not go digital. Given this call to adapt to the growth in the technology, why would lenders still be reluctant to change?
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  • Can small lenders even compete with big banks for digital mortgage domination?

    Fitch: 3 ways larger banks hold an advantage
    Despite nonbanks being able to get an early jump on the digital process, a new report from Fitch Ratings states that large banks will have a greater long-term advantage thanks to their greater access to resources. The mortgage finance industry might finally be embracing technology but which companies will come out on top?
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  • Tech talk at MBA: Do we build technology or do we partner?

    How to disrupt the mortgage finance industry
    No one in the mortgage industry needs to be convinced about the power, prominence and appeal of technology anymore. Look no further than the Mortgage Bankers Association’s National Technology in Mortgage Banking Conference and Expo in Chicago for proof. Helping kick off the conference on Monday, executives from JPMorgan Chase, Ellie Mae, USAA and Quicken Loans discussed their perspectives on fintech.
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  • Chase moves into digital mortgages with help from Roostify

    Slated to release online home loan later this year
    Chase is adding its name to a growing list of mortgage lenders going digital, as the housing industry steps up its game to meet the needs of consumers. Chase announced on Thursday it’s launching a digital mortgage platform, allowing customers to track a loan application through closing entirely online and from any mobile device.
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  • The fatal price tag of not investing in digital innovation for Millennials

    Here’s where to find the demand
    The coveted group of potential borrowers who were born between 1981 and 2000 are a key variable in why financial institutions need to and should invest their capital in financial innovation. If they choose not to, they lose on the next generation of consumers. So where will most Millennials choose to do business? Nonbank financial services, digital platforms and technology providers
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  • Industry throws wet blanket on the digital mortgage revolution

    GSE survey results show reality of mortgage business
    Over the last few years, publications just like this one spilled a significant amount of ink on the digital mortgage revolution — that is the effort to take the cumbersome, paper-intensive mortgage process online. Innovations like Quicken Loans’ Rocket Mortgage show the mortgage industry is undergoing a technological shift, but just how many hurdles still need to be cleared before the industry can go fully digital? Quite a few, as it turns out.
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