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  • Refinances regain popularity among Millennial buyers

    Refinances account for 15% of mortgages for third straight month
    Refinances became more popular among Millennials during the fourth quarter of 2017, according to the latest Ellie Mae Millennial Tracker report. The refinance share made up 15% of closed loans among Millennials in December, the highest percentage of refinances for this demographic since February.
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  • Millennial refis rise to highest level since February

    Share of FHA refinances increasing
    Refinances for Millennial buyers increased in September to the highest level since February as mortgage rates dropped. However, one expert explains why one segment of Millennial borrowers will continue to increase their refinance share even after rates begin rising once again.
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  • Millennials prove their dependency on FHA loans is shrinking

    Ellie Mae: Fed-backed insurance hit lowest level in months
    The share of Millennials taking out FHA loans continues to shrink, hitting its lowest point in months. Ellie Mae explained in its latest Millennial Tracker report that this ongoing shift shows younger homebuyers are becoming more and more able to purchase a home without government guarantees.
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  • Millennials undaunted by competitive housing market

    Ellie Mae report shows Millennials are buying homes even in larger cities
    Although competition is fierce among homebuyers, Millennials are still increasing their share of purchase loans, according to the latest Ellie Mae Millennial Tracker report. This is true not only in more affordable markets but also in some of the largest metros across the country.
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  • Millennials closing loans at fastest pace in nearly a year

    FICO score continues to fall
    Millennials are closing loans at the fastest pace since March last year, and VA loans saw the greatest speed up in February. Ellie Mae’s Millennial tracker shows the latest trends in Millennial homeownership, and perhaps one of the most surprising revelations was where they are buying homes.
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