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  • New York moves to outlaw income discrimination in housing

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo introduces bill to prevent discrimination based on income
    While the Republicans leading the Department of Housing and Urban Development are pushing to increase the rents on those who use Section 8 vouchers to afford housing, the Democratic governor of New York is moving to ensure that wanting to use a Section 8 voucher cannot be used as a means to discriminate against a prospective resident.
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  • HUD proposes raising rent for people receiving federal housing subsidies

    HUD Secretary Ben Carson touting “Making Affordable Housing Work Act”
    Claiming that the current system of providing federal housing subsidies to low-income renters is “convoluted” and “unsustainable,” the Department of Housing and Urban Development is proposing sweeping reforms to its housing assistance programs. The main tenet of the proposal is raising the rent on roughly half of those who currently receive housing subsidies.
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  • Former executive director of Michigan housing commission jailed for stealing HUD funds

    Sentenced to 37 months for scheming to steal $336,000 in federal funds
    The former executive director of the St. Clair Housing Commission in Michigan was sentenced earlier this week to more than three years in prison after pleading guilty to stealing Department of Housing and Urban Development money that was supposed to be used to provide housing to low-income families.
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  • Los Angeles prepares to reopen Section 8 housing list after 13 years

    City expects up to 600,000 applicants
    Los Angeles will soon open its Section 8 waiting list for a two-week registration period for the first time since 2004. This time, analysts expect a surge of 600,000 applicants will register for the limited spaces, and even the few selected could be left waiting in line for the next decade to receive their voucher.
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  • Former Michigan housing commission exec admits to stealing Section 8 funds

    Also admits to embezzling funds from commission’s operating budget
    The former executive director of an affordable housing commission in Michigan admitted in court this week to stealing more than $336,000 in federal funds, including $162,000 that was meant for the Section 8 housing program. Additionally, Lorena Loren admitted to using the commission’s two credit cards to make unauthorized purchases of personal items for herself and relatives from Amazon, Walmart and Sam’s Club stores, to the total of $166,000.
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  • HUD rental assistance capital investment doubles from last year

    Will make repairs on vacant housing units
    The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is celebrating its most recent milestone of reaching $4 billion in capital for its Rental Assistance Demonstration. This is double where the program stood this time last year. HUD explains what these funds will be used for, including much-needed repairs to affordable housing stock.
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  • Baltimore settles affordable housing case for $30 million

    Agrees to integrate Section 8 housing into affluent neighborhoods
    After being accused of segregating Section 8 Housing tenants, Baltimore County has agreed to settle outside of court. Their terms, however, have started a whole new battle as the settlement and new proposed legislation face strong opposition.
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