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  • [Pulse] What's an underwriter doing at a marketing conference?

    Why every single person in the loan transaction should get involved in marketing
    That's the question I was asked at least five times while attending HousingWire's conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, last week. My response: Yes, why not? Marketing applies to the entire mortgage loan origination process, and underwriting is a large piece of customer satisfaction. Here's why I think marketing is the subject matter of every mortgage employee of today and the future.
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  • Brittany Hodak to headline 2019 event

    Disruptive marketing entrepreneur transforms consumers into brand advocates
    HousingWire is excited to announce the keynote speaker for our 2019 event: award-winning entrepreneur and loyalty guru Brittany Hodak. Hodak is co-founder of The Superfan Company, an author of more than 350 articles on business and marketing, and a successful alum of Shark Tank.
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  • With low margins, strategic marketing is key for lender profits

    Our agenda delivers the right intel for this competitive housing market
    There's cause for optimism in the housing market as spring rolls in, with the Fed's decision to slow interest rate hikes spurring an increase in home sales in February. But as welcome as that rosier view is for everyone in mortgage lending, the competition for homebuyers remains fierce, which puts the onus on mortgage marketing teams to connect with borrowers sooner and more effectively than ever before.  
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  • [Pulse] Hey real estate agents and mortgage LOs, here are 12 scripts that will get a lead's attention

    Forget the phone call, it's all about the text
    Data now shows that texting your leads first and calling them only as a follow-up to the text, is the best way to respond to your real estate and mortgage leads. But what do you say to get their attention without being a pest? Below you’ll find 12 different text message scripts that work extremely well for real estate agents and loan officers looking to connect with a prospective client.
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  • [Pulse] What the housing industry needs to know about Facebook's latest moves

    The social media giant has 3 new strategies in play, and they will affect everyone in housing
    Last week, Facebook changed its ad policies to comply with anti-discrimination laws, and the move has broad implications for all of us in consumer finance and housing. But that's just one of three important strategy shifts the social media giant has made lately, and all are likely to impact those in the housing world. Here's what you need to know, and how you can adjust your processes to benefit.
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  • Marketer Intel: Jim Anderson at Stearns Lending on margin compression, M&A and what's next

    Mortgage marketers have to do more with less
    We recruited 10 marketing leaders from some of the top lenders in the industry to serve on the advisory board for our summit and now we’re interviewing each one to find out more about their perspective on the industry and what they see coming in the future. First up is Jim Stearns, CMO at Stearns Lending, who tells us the biggest challenge facing mortgage marketers.
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  • HousingWire announces agenda

    Referral marketing, social selling, personal branding, video, podcast, voice and much more
    When we started planning our second annual event, we invited marketing leaders from 10 lenders to serve on our advisory board, and asked them about the greatest challenges facing mortgage marketers this year. Armed with those insights, we've packed a ton of content into the day-and-a-half summit, covering topics that include referral marketing, personal branding, content marketing, how to build a marketing tech stack, how to use video, podcasts and voice effectively, and so much more.
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  • Join us for in Charlotte and Play to Win in this purchase market

    Find out who has already signed up
    Join us in Charlotte, North Carolina, June 13-14 to hear some of the most innovative lenders and Realtors in the country as they share how they are winning in this market. Our focus this year is on origination, and the goal is to give practical, real-life information that mortgage marketers can use right now to increase leads and their bottom line. Read on to find out who has already signed up!
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  • Here are the top 5 marketing risks for mortgage loan officers

    What does your outbound message look like?
    Loan officers face risks in how and when they perform their marketing—specifically, their outbound marketing—and it has a very strong impact on their pipelines and their company’s bottom line. Fortunately, there’s good news here. The biggest and most common outbound marketing risks are controllable.
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