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  • NestEgg helps senior homeowners access their equity

    Customers can sell their house but still live there
    Many older Americans haven't put enough cash aside to support themselves in retirement, and that's why homeownership investment companies are popping up around the country, offering homeowners ways to access their home equity to make ends meet. New York-based NestEgg seeks to do just that with its "sell to stay" program, which hooks homeowners up with an investor, who will buy the house but let them stay there.
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  • Ellie Mae: Refis just went positive for the first time in 2018

    According to the Origination Insight Report, the rate of refinances closed finally rose in August
    After taking an absolute beating this year, the refinance market just got its first ray of sunshine in 2018. According to Ellie Mae’s Origination Insight Report, the percentage of refinances closed went up for the first time in 2018 in August.
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  • Here’s how people use their home equity

    Survey reveals 44% would use it to consolidate debt
    The amount of tappable equity available to American homeowners recently smashed records by surpassing $6 trillion. And while recent data shows many Americans are holding back on accessing what may be their greatest source of wealth, some are using it, and you might be surprised to hear what they’re spending it on.
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  • Why are more seniors holding onto mortgage debt?

    Study sheds light on factors influencing older homeowners
    Fewer older homeowners are paying off their mortgages in retirement, and some are worried the trend may be detrimental to the financial health of the Baby Boomer generation. A working paper from the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College sites three reasons why and aims to assess the lasting impact.
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  • Adopting HECMs as a "generational lending" strategy

    Why LOs need to include reverse mortgages in their product offerings
    You help a first-time homebuyer get into that starter house. Then, you help them refinance, and maybe later they turn to you for a HELOC. But then what? Is that it? It shouldn’t be, according to reverse mortgage software provider ReverseVision. There’s one loan left and it may be the last loan a client gets.
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  • Home equity fails as an investment

    Too many homeowners simply can’t tap it
    [Expert commentary] Societal views have conditioned us to look at buying a home as an investment. Putting money into a mortgage is much better than throwing it away on rent, right? Maybe not so much these days.
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  • RiskSpan adds HECM data to its platform

    Seeks to analyze impact of FHA program changes
    Analytics firm RiskSpan has added reverse mortgage data to its platform, incorporating more than a half a billion records from Ginnie Mae in an effort to form critical analysis of the HECM market. RiskSpan’s founder and CEO Bernadette Kogler said senior home equity growth and recent HECM program changes spurred the company’s decision to delve further into the space.
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  • Minority homeowners saw highest rate of equity growth

    Equity gap widens between white and minority communities
    Homeowners in minority neighborhoods started out with the lowest level of home equity but saw the greatest percentage gain in the last six years, according to a Redfin study. ZIP codes with mostly white residents had the lowest percentage gains in equity, but the largest increase in absolute dollars.
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  • Patch Homes wants to invest in your house

    Company exchanges cash for a share in future home price appreciation
    American homeowners are sitting on a record amount of home equity, but many are not accessing what might be their greatest source of wealth. The situation has given rise to a fairly new concept called homeownership investment, which may transform the way consumers cash in on their home equity. Patch Homes is one such company looking to grow in this burgeoning space.
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  • Americans have the highest amount of tappable equity in history

    There is now more than $6 trillion for the taking, but fewer homeowners are touching it
    The amount of home equity accessible to America’s 44 million homeowners surpassed $6 trillion – the highest level in history. Now, Americans have three times as much equity as they did when the market bottomed out in 2012, and 21% more than they did at before the bubble burst in 2006. Yet, fewer appear to be taking advantage of this major source of wealth.
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