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  • From HW Magazine

    The key that unlocked the single-family rental

    A little disruption can go a long way
    Technology did not make single-family rentals themselves possible. But many in the single-family rental industry like to say that while single-family rentals are part of the housing sector, it’s really a technology industry, and nothing could be more true.
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  • Are you a part of the servicing technology revolution?

    Take this test to see how you rate
    Just as Airbnb and Lyft radically disrupted the hotel and transportation industries, the mortgage servicing industry is ripe for a technology revolution of its own. The truth is the proliferation of technology in the mortgage servicing industry is breathing new air to customers that have otherwise experienced nothing more than a great paper exchange – as long as payments are made on time.
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  • 3 ways to harness the power of disruption

    Ellie Mae Experience conference: How to break out of predictive thinking
    Selling unmatched socks in sets of three? Turning soda into expensive, bitter energy drinks? Disruption guru Luke Williams challenged lenders at Ellie Mae's Experience conference to turn their predictive business models upside down and address the things that aren't broken to find true innovation.
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