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  • Loan officer successfully sued Trump Mortgage, but judgement came too late

    Trump admits mortgages "not a business I particularly liked or wanted to be part of”
    In the brief 18 months that it existed, Trump Mortgage managed to inspire at least one successful lawsuit against it. A loan officer sued Trump Mortgage in early 2007 after allegedly being stiffed out of a payment of $238,000, but by the time the two sides settled the suit, the company had no assets.
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  • Remember Trump Mortgage? Inside the GOP frontrunner's failed mortgage venture

    Washington Post, John Oliver shed light on Trump's pre-crisis mortgage bet
    Republican Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump may have claimed that he predicted the fall of the American housing market before the bubble burst, but that didn’t stop him from launching a mortgage venture of his own at the height of the mortgage boom. Anyone remember Trump Mortgage?
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