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  • Fannie Mae to jettison 11,000 non-performing loans

    GSE wants to offload roughly $1.84 billion in unpaid balance
    Fannie Mae announced plans to jettison $1.84 billion in non-performing loans, a small portion of which are from its thirteenth Community Impact Pool, a small pool for marginalized or small investors. According to a release from Fannie, there are 11,000 NPLs up for sale, and of those, 700 are from its Community Impact Pools.
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  • Freddie Mac sells $22.4 million NPLs to minority, woman-owned business

    Majority of loans in loss mitigation or foreclosure
    Freddie Mac announced it sold $22.4 million in deeply non-performing loans to VRMTG ACQ, a minority, woman-owned business. Freddie Mac explained the loans in the pool have been delinquent for an average of more than two years, and are therefore more likely to have been evaluated for or are in various stages of loss mitigation.
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  • MountainView Financial Solutions announces sale of $97.4 million residential whole loan pool

    Includes 1,667 first‐ and second‐lien performing and non-performing loans
    MountainView Financial Solutions announced Monday it will serve as the exclusive sale advisor for a pool of 1,667 first‐ and second‐lien performing and non-performing loans, with a balance totaling $97.4 million. The financial services advisory is accepting indicative bids for the offering until 2 p.m. EST, on April 3. 
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  • Fannie Mae selling more than $1 billion in non-performing loans

    Sale includes two Community Impact Pools located in Florida
    Fannie Mae is continuing to shed non-performing loans from its books, announcing Tuesday that its plans to sell off more than $1 billion in delinquent loans. According to the government-sponsored enterprise, this sale includes three larger pools that include approximately 5,900 loans totaling $1.04 billion in unpaid principal balance.
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  • Fannie Mae selling $1.23bn in NPLs to Goldman Sachs subsidiary

    MTGLQ Investors buying another 7,500 loans
    The winning bidder is MTGLQ Investors, which is a “significant subsidiary” of Goldman Sachs. Over the last few years, Goldman Sachs used MTGLQ to buy billions and billions in loans from both of the GSEs. And now, it's buying over than a billion more in loans from Fannie Mae.
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  • Fannie Mae looking to shed $3.62 billion in loans from its books

    Multiple sales of non-performing and re-performing loans
    Fannie Mae is looking to sell off $3.62 billion in loans, as the government-sponsored enterprise announced Wednesday that its making approximately 8,600 non-performing loans and approximately 9,900 re-performing loans available for purchase. Here are the details.
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  • Here's the latest progress report on GSE non-performing loan sales

    How are the GSEs upholding their goals?
    Following their mandate, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac continued to offload a number of severely aged delinquent loans and REO properties in 2016, transferring credit risk to the private sector. The latest report gives the latest progress on how the government-sponsored enterprises are executing this.
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