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  • UWM launches virtual eClosings for purchases in 16 states

    Expects it will be how all closings are done in near future
    United Wholesale Mortgage announced it is expanding its virtual eClosings to borrowers in 16 states, and making the option available to purchase borrowers. The company explained its virtual eClosing is available in 16 states now and it expects this will be the way all closings are done in the near future.
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  • UWM: Acting CFPB director Mulvaney won’t bring major change to housing

    And reverse mortgages keep mortgage insurance premiums high
    UWM President and CEO Mat Ishbia talked about the most recent change at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – its new director. He explained that the bureau’s acting director will not bring any major changes. In fact, he said even after the new director takes over, the changes to the CFPB won’t be significant.
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    United Wholesale Mortgage

    Consistent tech innovations lead mortgage brokers to United Wholesale Mortgage

    UWM attracts brokers with its tech-focused development
    [Sponsored Content] In a fairly dated industry when it comes to tech, where the only consistent change is the variation of daily interest rates, UWM is a breath of fresh air in the mortgage industry with a seemingly endless stream of technology advancements and innovation.
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  • UWM CEO: Here's why we stand with BRAWL

    Why is this movement happening now?
    The BRAWL, Brokers Rallying Against Whole-tail Lending, movement is pushing back against the way things have always been in the wholesale lending space. HousingWire is talking to wholesale lenders on both sides of the fence to get their perspective on the movement that’s disrupting the space. Mat Ishbia, president and CEO of United Wholesale Mortgage, one of the "good ones," shares his thoughts.
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  • UWM: 1% down mortgages are still alive and well

    Represent bigger competitive advantage than ever before
    United Wholesale Mortgage released its monthly 3 Points video, where UWM CEO Mat Ishbia explained 1% down mortgage programs are still alive and well in the real estate industry. What’s more, due to Freddie Mac’s decision to kill the program, it is now more competitive than ever before.
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  • United Wholesale completes first eClosing

    Allows buyers to remotely close entire mortgage
    United Wholesale Mortgage announced it recently completed its first e-closing, allowing certain borrowers to complete the process without ever leaving their home. In fact, borrowers can now complete the entire closing from anywhere with a connection to a wireless network.
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  • Lenders react to end of Freddie Mac 1% down payment mortgage offerings

    Quicken Loans and UWM weigh in
    0% down and 1% down mortgage offerings just started to gain traction in the industry before Freddie Mac announced it completely nixed the program option. So what was the goal in rolling out the 3% down or less options? Help spur homeownership and give first-time homebuyers an affordable conforming, conventional mortgage option. And according to an interview with Quicken Loans and United Wholesale Mortgage that is exactly what the programs were doing.
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  • Want to recruit more Millennials? Learn what matters most from our experts

    HousingWire Rising Stars give tips on what really works
    One thing became clear very quickly during HousingWire’s webinar on how to hire Millennials on Thursday — few attendees knew they wanted to go into housing at the outset of their careers. And yet, like our three panelists, they are all got into the industry one way or another. So how do we get others to join a space that a lot of Millennials are unfamiliar with? These three HousingWire Rising Stars give tips on where to start to fix this problem.
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  • United Wholesale: Closing times are still too long

    Here's how to market to first-time homebuyers
    In his monthly 3 Points video, which examines the latest trends in the real estate and mortgage industry, United Wholesale’s CEO pointed out that while time to close a loan is dropping, it is still too long. He talks about how brokers can capitalize on the longer closing times.
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  • UWM: Industry is taking the wrong approach to protecting veterans

    CEO explains why brokers’ future looks bright
    United Wholesale Mortgage’s CEO explained that the industry’s current approach toward veterans and interest rate reduction refinance loans is in need of a change. In the company’s monthly 3 Points video, he notes: How about we do right by our veterans the first time and we won’t have this issue?
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