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  • Put your trust in a local mortgage broker

    Countless reasons why partnering with a local mortgage broker is a trustworthy option for you and your buyers
    Before you advise your buyers to call a big bank or online retail lender for their home loan, consider that working with an independent mortgage broker—experts who specialize in home loans and are rooted in your community—can ensure your buyers reach the closing table quickly with the best rates available and personalized service throughout the entire process. If you—or your buyers—haven’t considered working with a local mortgage broker, consider the following three factors that protect their best interests throughout the home buying journey.
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  • United Wholesale Mortgage bets on continued growth with massive headquarters expansion

    Reveals plans to double Michigan office space
    United Wholesale Mortgage is betting big on the continued growth of the broker channel, building an extension of its already-large headquarters in Pontiac, Michigan, to house its expanding team. The company recently revealed plans to expand its existing office by building a new 900,000-square-foot facility across the street, which will be needed to accommodate the astounding growth it’s predicting.
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  • Maximize your reach, gain more referrals by marketing with an independent mortgage broker

    Three ways you can market better by partnering with your local mortgage broker
    Marketing is a critical part of growing your business, capturing new leads and getting referrals from past clients. As a real estate professional, you’re constantly marketing — not only yourself and your business — but also properties and communities. But did you know that you can expand on your marketing strategy to better promote your business and gain more referrals without much, if any, extra effort? You can! By partnering with a local independent mortgage broker.
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  • The mortgage broker comeback

    Independent mortgage brokers’ market share increased to 14.1% in the first quarter of 2019
    In this competitive housing market with fewer homes for sale, fluctuating rates and higher home prices, you may think sending your buyers to a big bank or online mega retail lender for their mortgage is the fastest and easiest option. But in reality, an independent mortgage broker is by far the best choice.
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  • Want your homebuyer to be able to afford more?

    Three reasons why a mortgage broker is your best option
    Helping buyers purchase the best home for their hard-earned money has always been the key to real estate success—whether that’s discovering the perfect neighborhood or negotiating the final sale price. The ability to stretch buying power is more crucial than ever, and savvy agents are encouraging buyers to partner with independent mortgage brokers. Here's why choosing a mortgage broker is your best option.
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  • Four perks of partnering with a mortgage broker

    90% of real estate agents would recommend a broker to their buyers in the future
    Independent mortgage brokers are expert entrepreneurs rooted in the local community who can offer guidance to real estate agents and their buyers throughout the entire home-buying process. In a recent study conducted by United Wholesale Mortgage, 90% of real estate agents who worked with an independent mortgage broker would recommend one to their buyers in the future. Find out why so many agents are now partnering with a local mortgage broker instead of a big bank or mega retail lender.
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  • Provident Financial abandons mortgage banking

    Plans to layoff 122 staffers in the coming months
    In a released statement the firm said challenging economic and operating conditions made it difficult to make a profit in home loan originations. The company's CEO also cited "required investments in expensive technology" as another reason.
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  • [WATCH] UWM CEO: Becoming a mortgage broker is “a lot easier than you think”

    Watch this exclusive interview with Mat Ishbia
    HousingWire Editor-In-Chief Jacob Gaffney recently interviewed United Wholesale Mortgage CEO Mat Ishbia for an upcoming HousingWire Magazine cover story detailing 2019's mortgage lending outlook. “It’s really a battle for the originator. Originators are coming to the broker channel, and I don’t think it’s much of a battle anymore, I think they’re leaving in droves from retail lenders,” Ishbia tells Gaffney.
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  • United Wholesale Mortgage rolls out new pricing plan

    Predicts growth for broker channel in 2019
    In 2018, United Wholesale Mortgage closed out the year with $41.5 billion in total loan volume, making up nearly a quarter of the entire wholesale industry's market share. But it looks like UWM is setting the bar even higher in 2019, as the company has recently announced plans to change its pricing philosophy in a bid to offer "the best prices and rates in America."
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