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  • Where do renters want to live?

    Here are the most desirable rental markets
    Earlier this year, a report from CBRE showed that there were more apartments built last year than in almost any other year since the 1980s. The report also showed where those apartments are being built, with the majority of the development coming from the top 20 markets. But are builders building where renters actually want to live? Do they really have their collective finger on the pulse of the renter? Yes and no, as it turns out.
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  • Here are the 10 top and bottom investment markets for single-family rentals

    None of the top 10 are on the West Coast
    As the single-family rental market continues to bode well for investors, HomeUnion, an online real estate investment management company, ranked the most and least favorable single-family rental markets. A quick perusal of the list shows that when it comes to this kind of investing, the West Coast is not somewhere you want to be.
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