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  • Goldman Sachs invests $15 million for supportive housing in New Jersey

    Partners with New Jersey Community Capital
    Aiming to provide housing options for the state’s “most vulnerable populations,” Goldman Sachs is partnering with New Jersey Community Capital to provide $15 million to be used for supportive housing in the Garden State. Supportive housing is an affordable housing option that also provides services like job training and placement to its residents.
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  • New Jersey picks NYC official Paul Rodriguez to lead state’s answer to Mulvaney’s CFPB

    Rodriguez currently serves as acting counsel to NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio
    At various points during his tenure as acting director of the CFPB, Mick Mulvaney has made it clear that the bureau will not be run the same way under the Trump administration as it was under the Obama administration. In the wake of those changes, several states have indicated that they are prepared to step in and fill the consumer protection void. You can now count New Jersey among those states.
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  • Five New Jersey residents accused of using fake bank documents to pay off mortgages

    Allegedly paid of multiple mortgages, bought multiple luxury cars
    Five New Jersey residents stand accused of using fake money orders, cashier’s checks, receipts and other documents to fraudulently pay off multiple mortgages and obtain several luxury cars. According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey, the group’s alleged conduct caused more than $3 million in losses.
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  • Ringleader of elaborate mortgage fraud scheme gets 10 years in prison

    Scheme involved fake sellers, fake lawyers, fake title agents, fake notaries, and more
    The alleged ringleader of a complex mortgage fraud scheme will spend the next 10 years in New Jersey state prison for his involvement in a scheme that involved using fake sellers, fake attorneys, fake title insurance agents, fake notaries, and a number of fake businesses to steal nearly $1 million from mortgage lenders in a series of transactions.
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  • Former New Jersey councilman gets 5 years for $13 million mortgage fraud

    Used phony documents and straw buyers to buy condos
    A former councilman and failed mayoral candidate for the city of Kearney, New Jersey, will spend the next five years in prison after pleading guilty for his role in a $13 million mortgage fraud scam that involved using straw buyers to buy condominiums from financially distressed developers.
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