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  • Mortgage professionals are now adopting Amazon's Alexa technology to enhance their business

    Arch MI’s Alexa Skill leverages the growing number of users as the market for voice technology continues to rise
    Amazon has transformed the dynamic of the average American household. Today, nearly 20% of Americans have access to a smart speaker and that number continues to grow. Amazon dominates the space with 61.9% market share and their Alexa, along with other smart voice devices, are becoming an integral part of our daily lives.
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    Arch MI

    RateStar expands lenders' origination opportunities in a competitive market

    Will Vickers of Arch MI explains the benefits of the dynamic pricing engine
    With home prices across the country increasing and interest rates also on the rise, lenders are looking for ways to help borrowers afford homeownership. Arch MI RateStar is a dynamic MI pricing solution that expands lenders’ origination opportunities in a competitive market.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Hot Seat: David Gansberg of Arch MI

    The benefits of a dynamic MI pricing solution in a rising interest rate environment
    With interest rates rising, being able to price MI more precisely gives lenders a significant competitive edge in the this market. For eligible borrowers, RateStar can mean more affordable mortgages with lower monthly payments overall. Millennials will also appreciate how this technology facilitates a personalized evaluation of the risk represented by their individual loan scenarios.
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  • From HW Magazine

    2017 HW Tech100 Winner: Arch MI

    RateStar solution offers greater precision in MI pricing
    RateStar, which is available on all devices, provides greater precision in MI pricing, enabling lenders to compete more effectively and offer more affordable mortgages to eligible borrowers. For borrowers, RateStar can mean lower monthly payments.
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    Arch Mortgage Insurance Co. uses dynamic pricing to offer the best rates

    Goes beyond traditional MI risk characteristics
    RateStar goes beyond the traditional mortgage insurance characteristics used to determine the cost of MI coverage, such as LTV and credit score. It takes into account other risk factors, such as a co-borrower or loan purpose, to match the loan to Arch MI’s most competitive rates, so originators may compete more effectively, qualify more borrowers and close more loans.
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