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  • Los Angeles Rams owner Stan Kroenke purchases massive Texas ranch listed for $725M

    It’s larger than New York City and Los Angeles combined
    Stan Kroenke, the owner of the Los Angeles Rams, made headlines recently when the NFL agreed to allow Kroenke to move the team from St. Louis to Los Angeles. But the 60 acres that Kroenke owns in Inglewood, California where the team's new stadium will be built pales in comparison to his latest purchase.
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  • St. Louis Rams sacked by real estate reality as team moves to Los Angeles

    Moving from modestly priced Midwest to high-cost California
    When the National Football League announced last week that the St. Louis Rams are moving back to Los Angeles, it seemed that everyone involved got what they wanted, except Rams’ fans in St. Louis, of course. But for those moving from St. Louis to Los Angeles with the team, they are about to take a big financial hit thanks to the vastly different costs of living from St. Louis to Los Angeles.
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