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  • Report: Millennials not moving out of mom's basement

    The number of Millennials living with their mothers is on the rise
    A new report from Zillow reveals that more Millennials live with their mothers now than at any other time in the last decade. In 2005, 13.5% of adults age 24 to 36 lived with their moms. That number now is up around 25% now, which means about 12 million Millennials reside in casa de madre.
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  • American Millennials infuriated with the lacking housing market

    Is there too much competition from foreign investors?
    As the housing market recovers from its horrific crash from a few years ago, it is expected to pick up heading into the spring homebuying season. But it’s not looking good to Millennials as they can’t afford to buy a home. One of the reasons why it is said to be infuriating.
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  • Here's what homes built specifically for Millennials look like

    The idea behind a responsive home
    A new housing community put Millennial needs at the forefront of its design plans, given that they are the next largest cohort of homebuyers. Interestingly, they are pretty nostalgic about the kinds of homes they grew up in, causing the houses to have to an old-time feeling to them.
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