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  • New Mexico man admits to embezzling nearly $1 million from real estate company

    Convinced investors to invest $1 million, spent $995,000 on himself and his wife
    A New Mexico man admitted in court that he and his wife spent all but $5,000 out of $1 million that investors gave to the pair under the guise of investing in a real estate company. According to court documents, Willis spent $995,000 of the victims’ $1 million instead of investing the funds as he told the investors he would.
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  • Former New Mexico Realtor group executive indicted on hundreds of embezzlement charges

    Sherri Miller facing 197 charges of embezzlement and 188 forgery charges
    Sherri Miller, the former executive director of the Ruidoso Board of Realtors, is facing nearly 400 charges of embezzlement and forgery stemming from allegations that she skimmed at least $90,000 from the organization. What’s even crazier about the allegations against Miller is that Miller's predecessor with the Ruidoso Board of Realtors was also accused, and subsequently convicted, of embezzling from the organization.
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  • New Mexico homeowners targeted by fake 'Ocwen' loan modification scam

    State issues warning on fraudulent 'Making Home Affordable' scheme
    New Mexico’s Attorney General issued a warning to the state’s citizens recently, advising them to be on guard for a “dangerous new scam” that supposedly offers a “Making Home Affordable” mortgage modification from Ocwen Financial. But the letters are not from Ocwen – and there are no modifications to be had.
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