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  • Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift won big in 2015 housing

    Also here are the celebrities that lost
    Off the stage and away from the camera, these celebrities are also conquering the world of housing, slowly building up substantial portfolios of real estate properties. On the flip side, the list also includes a few celebrities that aren’t doing so well.
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  • Why Quicken Loans is the Taylor Swift of the mortgage industry

    Will the lender's push-back spur the FHA to change its rules?
    Before you write this idea off as being too far fetched, let me explain. You won't hear the words mortgage and music used in the same sentence often, but with everything going on in the lending industry with FHA loans, the two overlap more than usual. One key difference, though, is that Swift was successful. Can the same be said for Quicken Loans?
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