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  • Appraisal volume rises two weeks straight

    Pushes four-week average higher
    Appraisal volume spent most of the fall seesawing up and down. When it did post a consistent trend, it trended down. The latest report from a la mode on appraisal volume, however, finally breaks that downward spiral.
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  • Appraisal volume finally edges slightly higher

    After weeks of declines
    After weeks of consistent declines, appraisal volume finally posted an increase for the week of Nov. 13. But it’s hard to say how long this will last given the likely rise in interest rates. This chart gives a look back on how appraisal volume has performed.
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  • Appraisal volume drops four weeks straight

    Four-week average falls into negative territory
    Appraisal volume continues to struggle to lift off this fall, with volume now declining four weeks straight. However, on the positive side, the drop is smaller than several previous reports.
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  • Appraisal volume falls three weeks in a row

    Continues recent lows into fourth quarter
    Appraisal volume doesn't look like it's changing pace anytime soon. Looking at the latest report from a la mode, the fourth quarter is continuing the slow volume levels witnessed for most of the past two months.
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  • Appraisal volume trudges through September

    Only one week in September posted a rise
    With September completely over, the latest National Appraisal Volume Index gives a full picture of how the month performed, revealing that only one week posted a rise for the whole month. In fact, the NAVI has actually fallen five of the last six weeks.
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  • Appraisal volume remains quiet in September

    4-week average slightly edges up
    There’s less than one week left in September, and so far, the month’s recorded quite the roller coaster. However, despite the drastic rise and fall, September still followed season trends, especially given the beginning of the month included the Labor Day holiday.
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  • Appraisal volume falls two weeks straight

    4-week average sinks lower
    The latest National Appraisal Volume Index report from a la mode mirrored a lot of the same results from last week as the start of school takes focus away from house hunting. Looking at this week’s mortgage application report, will this trend change anytime soon?
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