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  • Automakers Ask for $22B More

    General Motors Corp. [stock GM][/stock] and Chrysler Holding LLC submitted their restructuring plans to the government Tuesday but came to the table with another request: an additional $21.6 billion in government aid. As of the additional $4 billion that had already been scheduled for distribution to GM Tuesday, the company has received a total $14.3 billion through the Treasury Department's Troubled Asset Relief Program.
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  • Automakers on Deadline; GM to Get $4B

    The heat is on for General Motors Corp. [stock GM][/stock] and Chrysler Holding LLC, which are scheduled to submit their restructuring plans before end of day Tuesday. The companies, along with their financing divisions, have received a total $25 billion from the Treasury Department through the Troubled Asset Relief Program on the condition they release strategic plans to restructure their businesses, cut production costs and ultimately pay the government back the loans.
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