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  • Time’s Up: Yes, it’s happening here, too

    How do we move forward?
    The #TimesUp and #MeToo movements have swept across the U.S. as more women begin to stand up and say no more. Within the mortgage industry, the topic has been able to stand in the shadows, and no one really knows how common the behavior actually is. That is, until now.
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  • How to approach gender bias in the mortgage industry

    A response to industry professionals' reactions to Chrisman's confrontation
    [Op-ed] In the wake of the publication of a scathing column against Rob Chrisman, calling out his derogatory jokes, the industry’s response has been divisive. While I share the author’s concerns about some of Chrisman’s jokes, in my opinion, the author’s approach to initiate change was reckless and potentially harmful to our cause to improve inclusivity in our industry. I’d like to share an alternative approach to change leadership that I think is more effective for anyone wanting to implement change in our industry.
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