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  • Freddie Mac reveals Loan Advisor upgrades at MBA

    New enhancements designed to give clients the “Freddie Edge”
    Freddie Mac announced major tech upgrades to its Loan Advisor Suite on Monday at the MBA Annual in Washington, D.C. A number of new features – including the industry’s first integrated self-employment income asset solution – are designed to create a more efficient origination process and give clients what Single-Family EVP Dave Lowman calls "The Freddie Edge."
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  • Freddie Mac, LoanBeam partner to automate income calculation for self-employed borrowers

    LoanBeam software will be further integrated into Loan Product Advisor
    Last year, Freddie Mac added some technological muscle to its Loan Advisor Suite, partnering with LoanBeam to improve the income verification capabilities of its underwriting program. Now, Freddie Mac and LoanBeam are making that automated income calculation available for self-employed borrowers.
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  • Freddie Mac partnering with LoanBeam to automate income verification

    LoanBeam’s software digitizes paper income documents
    Freddie Mac is partnering with LoanBeam to improve the GSE's income verification offerings. LoanBeam’s software provides automated income extraction and calculation, which basically means that LoanBeam’s software is able to calculate a borrower’s income directly from the borrower’s income documents. And now, Freddie Mac is making this service available to its lenders via the Loan Advisor Suite.
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    Freddie Mac

    Freddie Mac Loan Advisor Suite automates lending to drive efficiency

    Simplifies loan process, even for borrowers without credit score
    Freddie Mac is showcasing why it’s among the most innovative technology companies in housing. It’s leveraging big data and advanced analytics to build game-changing solutions into Loan Advisor Suite, with new capabilities in Loan Product Advisor — its next-generation, automated underwriting solution.
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  • Freddie Mac announces new tools designed to cut mortgage origination costs

    Enhancements to Loan Advisor Suite could help lenders' bottom line
    Not to be outdone by Fannie Mae’s announcement that it plans to offer lenders “Day 1” representation and warranty relief, Freddie Mac announced Monday that it is planning a series of enhancements to its Loan Advisor Suite designed to cut mortgage origination costs for lenders.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Freddie Mac's Loan Advisor Suite gives lenders greater certainty and efficiency

    Lending tools automate data management
    Loan Advisor Suite empowers lenders to automate data management and receive alerts when a loan has a higher risk, allowing them to act quickly to resolve issues. Designed as a portal with a single sign-on capability to access Freddie Mac’s collection of tools, each web-based application works with a range of browsers, providing easily accessible lending tools for every step of the loan process.
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  • Ellie Mae launches new version of Encompass

    Encompass 16.2 features Freddie Mac's Loan Product Advisor
    Ellie Mae's new version of Encompass includes DataVerify’s DRIVE services, including fraud detection and 4506-T for income verification, and FraudGuard, First American Mortgage Solutions’ decision-support tool designed to quickly and accurately identify risk in mortgage transactions.
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  • Freddie Mac joins forces with Ellie Mae to streamline the mortgage process

    Brings next-level automation to mortgages
    Freddie Mac made a huge announcement this morning at Mortgage Bankers Association's Secondary convention in New York City. Freddie Mac unveiled that it is integrating Loan Product Advisor into Ellie Mae's Encompass LOS this summer in conjunction with its rollout of Loan Advisor Suite. Click the headline to get the latest news.
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  • Freddie Mac unveils 'game-changing' tools to boost mortgage lenders

    New tools designed to provide clarity; improve efficiency, compliance
    Freddie Mac is set to unveil a suite of new tools providing lenders with "actionable feedback" throughout the loan production process, thereby helping lenders lend more often and with more confidence. "We think it’s going to a game-changer for the industry," Chris Boyle, senior vice president and head of single-family sales & relationship management at Freddie Mac, told HousingWire in an interview.
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  • Freddie Mac announces new program designed to make it easier for lenders to lend

    Loan Advisor Suite aims to give clarification in appraisal process, reduce repurchase risk
    As part of an effort to provide lenders with certainty, support and solutions, Freddie Mac announced a new program that should enable lenders to lend more confidently, armed with more knowledge about how Freddie Mac views the loans it purchases. Meet Freddie Mac's Loan Advisor Suite.
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