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  • Down payment insurer ValueInsured now offering refi protection

    Protects equity if borrower needs to sell at a loss in the future
    ValueInsured, a company that provides down payment insurance for borrowers, is now also offering equity protection for borrowers who want to refinance their mortgage. Through the +Plus Equity Protection program, borrowers pay a premium in exchange for ValueInsured agreeing to reimburse up to the full amount of their equity under certain conditions.
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  • Down payment insurer ValueInsured raises $6.5 million to fund growth

    Funding led by Everest Re Group, Houston International Insurance Group
    ValueInsured, a company that provides down payment insurance for borrowers, announced Wednesday that it raised $6.5 million to fund the company’s growth. Through ValueInsured's +Plus down payment insurance program, borrowers pay a premium to ValueInsured in exchange for having their down payment insured against a downturn in the housing market should they decide to sell their home.
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  • Americans believe home price correction imminent

    ValueInsured: Still confident in the housing market
    While Americans are still confident in housing as part of the American dream, they are becoming increasingly unsure on the timing. Many expressed fears about buying now, saying home prices are facing an imminent correction.
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  • Millennials see housing price bubble on the horizon

    Less than 40% say they can afford a down payment
    Millennials are more likely than other generations to see another economic crash on the horizon. While many want homes, they are concerned with saving up enough for a down payment. The good news is that they haven’t given up on the American Dream, they just changed it slightly.
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  • Coming soon: Down payment insurance for borrowers

    New program protects buyers against market downturn
    A new program launching early next year will give borrowers the opportunity to protect their upfront investment in their home, just as lenders are able to do with mortgage insurance. Meet down payment insurance — for borrowers.
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