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  • Freddie Mac: Mortgage market soaring in 2016, will fall back in 2017

    Time to get while the getting's good
    Freddie Mac continues to believe that mortgage lending is on track for a big year this year, but now expects the market to tap the brakes in 2017. But it won’t be purchase mortgage originations that will drag down 2017’s origination total, as purchase and home improvement mortgage activity is actually expected to rise next year. According to the Freddie Mac report, next year’s drop will be driven by a significant decline in refinances.
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  • FBR: Mortgage lending set for best quarter since 2007

    Strong 3rd quarter expected to push total originations above $2 trillion
    Less than one month ago, the analysts of FBR & Co. predicted that 2016 could prove to the best year for mortgage lending since 2013, but a new report from those same analysts suggests that 2016 could be even stronger than they originally predicted. Driving FBR’s increased projection is a strong 3rd quarter, which could prove to be the best for mortgage lending since the 4th quarter of 2007.
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  • Freddie Mac: Mortgage interest rates will hit 40-year low in 2016

    GSE predicts best year for home sales since 2006
    If current trends hold steady, this year could prove to be a banner year for housing, Freddie Mac said in a new report. In Freddie Mac’s new monthly outlook report, the government-sponsored enterprise states that it is currently projecting a “surge” in mortgage originations during the third quarter, further reinforcing its view that 2016 will be the “best year” for home sales since 2006.
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  • FBR: Mortgage market booms, will push $2 trillion in 2016

    Cites continued low rates and stable regulatory environment
    Count the analysts of FBR & Co. among those thinking that 2016 is going to end up being one of the strongest years for mortgage lending in recent memory. In a new report, FBR analysts Paul Miller and Tim Hayes tout a mortgage market that is “continuing to shine” throughout this year, thanks in large part to the continually low mortgage interest rates that are now the norm and the “most stable regulatory environment in years.”
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  • Mortgage lending on track for best year since 2013

    First mortgages, home equity loans all up in first quarter
    While a recent report from Fitch Ratings suggested that 2016 could be a rough year for mortgage servicers due to persistently low interest rates, those same interest rates could lead to a banner year for mortgage lenders. It's not just refinance applications that are trending up, actual first mortgage originations were up sharply in the first quarter — to a point that 2016 could be the best year for mortgage lending since 2013.
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  • Fannie Mae: Economic growth weak, but housing is improving

    Can housing save this great nation?
    The major economic indicators disappointed in the first quarter, and will lead to a weaker than expected performance for the country’s economy this year, economists at Fannie Mae said in a new report. And positive housing trends won’t be enough to save 2016 from that weak first quarter.
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  • Fitch: Six housing predictions for 2016

    Where are home prices, mortgage rates going this year?
    What's housing going to do in 2016? A new report from Fitch Ratings presents its six housing predictions for this year. What are interest rates going to do? House prices? Loan volumes? Here's what Fitch thinks.
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  • Here are Freddie Mac's five housing predictions for 2016

    Prognostications on interest rates, house prices and more
    With just a few days left in 2015, Freddie Mac is looking towards 2016 and trying to predict just what’s going to happen in housing over the next 12 months. Here are five housing predictions for 2016, courtesy of Freddie Mac.
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